Management Consulting

Business model | Business Plan | Business Strategy.

Have you time constraints in completing, improving, inventing the above required business tools?
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Sponsorship & Promotional Price Package. 
At MTC Consultancy, we are on a mission to empower SMEs by enabling development of required business tools in an enterprise of any size or age. On promotion is a streamlined business offer and sponsorship that intends to provide access to the above, named tools, to assist you in playing right in your market environment.  

Save time | Reduce errors | Gain improvements!

Simplify the science of doing business using these tools to gain savings and more income. 

Implement the business tools to achieve your set business goals, such as:

  • Increased revenue earnings
  • Strong local presence
  • Increased market share
  • Maximise stakeholder wealth
  • Happy working conditions
  • Customer satisfaction

Management Consulting

Chance to win 1 of the 5 sponsorships up for grabs.
The sponsorship is suitable for:
New business idea | Start-Up business | Early-stage business | High growth business | Established business making for changes due to COVID-19 | A business currently going through a transformation due to industry/market climate. 

Business Model
x5 Sponsorships
Five lucky winners
who will later be
entered into the
next draw for a
Business Plan. 

Business Plan
x3 Sponsorships
Three lucky winners
who will later be
entered into the next draw for a Business Strategy

Business Strategy
x1 Sponsorship. 
One lucky winner
will be selected to receive our Diamond Signature Package

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This is suitable for enterprises that want to invent the business tools for the first time or improve  the current tools due to changes made in the business.

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Business Population

Indicate your interest to sponsor development of business tools  for an entrepreneur and have a chance to change someone's business.
This is suitable for businesses with financial muscle or resources, entrepreneurship support services and social corporate responsibility budgets that can allow to give cash sponsorships. 

Company representative may get in touch by clicking below or use QR code for details to sponsor a business tool to encourage good business and help the businesses grow in different communities. Some information on experience is detailed below.

*Note: Invitation to indicate interest to sponsor closes 31.05.2021 .

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