Providing Consultancy to enable clients to arrive at firm conclusions
in functional areas for business strategy and management strategy.
Benefit from a single point of business management contact for informing strategy formulation that fit your business management functional areas. At MTC Consultancy we are on a mission to empower SMEs shift from their current categories by enabling access to simplified steps for implementing scaling culture.
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Business Management Consulting!

Discover patterns and recognise trends to enable the understanding of business management intelligence, and process performance indicators.

Uncover patterns and relationships using primary research, past events, statistics, secondary databases, analytics (BI)  to anticipate the future, resulting in improvements with churn reduction, acquisition, campaigns, customer service, cross-sell and up-sell. 

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Professional judgement, Detached viewpoint, Bridge between interests and qualified.
We do what it takes to get you quality results. 
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At MTC Consultancy we identify business pain points to solve company problems, inform strategy formulations for client organisations' strategic management, by delivering the Triple C (Company, Customer, Competitor) insights to solve management issues and improve return on investment (ROI). Entrepreneur  learn more  about our SMEs program.


Research & Insights 


Intelligence & Analysis 



What we do?

MTC Marketing Research Solutions provides solutions to solve complex issues in corporate, Marketing, Operational and human resources management, by enabling a comprehensive view of enterprise's various  aspects. 

We uncover information to aid decision-making directives and the understanding of who, what, where, when, why, how questions to address business gaps in addition to listening to brands' targeted segments within markets. 


Our Value for money solutions include marketing strategy, market research, market customisation, competitor analysis, pricing strategies, and creating plans such as marketing plans, sales plans and business plans

We have extensive experience of developing and implementing optimal solutions to achieve long-term, business growth using desk, observations, qualitative and quantitative methods.  

For instance,  we bring the voice of the customer (VoC) to the boardrooms to depict informed answers to difficult questions for problem-solving.  

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Achieve more with Research, Insights, Intelligence, Analysis, Consultancy!  We use skill, ethics, knowledge, experience, capacity, imagination and flexibility to minimise waste.