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Break In The Wind
No Honor Between Brothers
Abandoned Honor
 Restless Honor


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Break In The Wind  
I read this book awhile ago as the first book I had read by Deborah Tadema. She is a great story teller that keeps the story moving and has the reader wondering what will happen next to the heroine. Would love to see more of this story and will certainly read more by this author.  Maryanne McCoy

By April Arnold-Gillar on September 1, 2016 No Honor Between Brothers
Two brothers. One woman. A town rife with rampant scandal and personal vendettas. Can decades of familial mistrust, betrayal, and hatred ever feel a healing hand? Find out in this dark tale of love longed for, love lost, and love found. --April Arnold, author of Ghosts and Physics

 Amazon Customer on Aug. 25 2016   No Honor Between Brothers
Deborah Tadema introduces us to an engaging and naughty pair of brothers and the one woman they both love! Expect twists and turns, larger than life character development and passion-driven adventures in No Honor Between Brothers. I can't wait for the sequel to see what happens to these fascinating characters, their extended families and friends. Enjoy!

Break In The Wind
C Dove rated it 
liked it
The author has definitely captured a "Louis l'amour" style. Well written with strong characters both male, female, good and bad. Author has a strong grasp on the time period and reality of the era! Takes a while for the various story lines to come together but, definitely holds the reader! If you are in to this style you will definitely find this a good read

Abandoned Honor
JOE C rated it really liked it
A Tumultuous love story. Very well written and edited. Character actions were too busy. Needed to slow them down a bit to understand them. Could have used some reasons behind actions (character development) Overall great job. I would recommend. Talented writer.

on April 30, 2017  Abandoned Honor
Format: Kindle Edition
If you're looking for a novel that will keep you surprised and on your toes - look no further than Abandoned Honor. This is the second book in the Honor series by Deb Tadema. The first - No Honor Between Brothers - introduced us to sullen but sexy Mitch, his illegitimate brother Tom and an unpredictable love interest they had in common - the beautiful and bewitching Claire. We also met friends, family and all manner of lovers!

This second installment takes us even deeper into the small town of the late 1960's. We are pulled into the complex but intriguing relationships among this unlikely assortment of siblings, neighbors, sons, daughters and other hometown characters. Mitch is up to his old tricks, while Claire and Tom try to make a go of their unorthodox relationship. Get ready for steamy love, jealousy and revenge, and maybe even a dead body or two!

Tadema gives another guilty pleasure read to liven up any rainy Saturday afternoon. Can't wait for the next novel in the Honor Series!

​Restless Honor

Shawna Smith

Mitch and Claire are playing sex games while she’s living with Tom.   Tom’s stalker won’t leave him alone and eventually puts Tom in the hospital.  I’m glad that Tom finally finds true love.  Big Joe tries to keep his son in line after he tries to rape a girl.  Mitch is still juggling a bunch of women.  Restless Honor is nonstop action.  It kept me glued to the book.   Excellent job, Deb.

​​Restless Honor                               Robin La Kouga

I’ve read the first three books of this series and loved all of them.  It reminds me of the TV show Dallas, except the people in the books aren’t as vindictive.  You never know what’s going to happen next.  I recommend these books. 


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