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Jeff Glovsky
International Business Collaboration, Content Management, Creation


Core competencies + overlapping synergies = problem-solving focus areas:  business travel, corporate event services, international project and property sourcing for real estate and renewable energyAudio-Visual / digital media support, consultation, production and project management.  SEO, event marketing, promotion & presence >>>

With a European base in Munich, Germany and artistic roots in New York City, JG (Enterprise) provides website content, design and creation through carefully curated words and images. Idiosyncratic Photo(s) by Jglo can be found online, and on walls in a growing number of office and hospitality environments and entertainment spaces >>>​​

From live sound mixing and production coordination to event / project management and logistical tour support... From live audio/video streaming and multimedia consultation to charitable music participation platforms like performance showcases and instrument drives, JG (Enterprise) covers all 'basses' >>>

JG Enterprise is a synthesis of overlapping skill sets and the diverse, interrelated services offered by Jeff Glovsky... a reader, a writer, a photograph maker... and trusted international business collaborator.

JG (Enterprise) invites new clients to get in touch and learn what we can achieve together ...